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Deep Archive

Old News Archive

The Deep Archive contains all the old news and announcements from the previous club years. The sections are divided by the club year, not calendar year. A club year starts at the beginning of September and runs until the end of August.

Everything from 2001-2006 was pulled from the old files and may not be complete. The oldest entry on file is April 27th, 2003.

Due to the numerous spelling and grammar errors that for some reason university students still make, all the content in the archive has been spell-checked. However, all the little things are still in place to preserve the old content. Also, all the old email addresses have been removed, but all the old links are still there (some of them no longer work).

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2001-2002 Archive Scroll: Nothing remains from this year.
Anime@Carleton Founded September 2001

A@C Site Designs

Below is a record of the Anime@Carleton website. Contained are images of the site’s design. They are being posted to allow people to see how the site has evolved and improved over time, also to show where we have been.

A@C Site Designs

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