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2003-2004 Archive

August 6, 2004

The events section has been updated with the fall term's showing dates.


July 18, 2004

Hello everyone. It’s time for the much anticipated, and equally delayed, first summer update.

The first order of business is to announce the club’s executive for the 2004-2005 academic year. The elections for these positions were held during our meeting at the end of April of this year. Since there was only one candidate for each of the positions, all positions are to be considered acclaimed. The executive for the upcoming academic year: President – Christopher Nebelsky; Vice President – Genevieve Kupczyk; Communications – Nick Bourgeois; Director of Advertising(non-exec) – Clive Chan. Furthermore, the executive position of Treasurer has been left vacant with the former Treasurer, Duncan Broom, leaving on a foreign exchange program to Japan. An election of this position will be held some time in September; we’ll keep you posited on the date and location when it will be held. Also, the non-executive position has been dissolved by the executive.

Next, during September, A@C, once again, be participating in the Anime OR-G with SOAP and UofO Anime. We will be having showings on Friday September 10, 17 and 24; the room will be announced within the next few weeks. After September, we will be holding are regular bi-weekly showings.

Finally, I just want to add that, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, just email me at [Chris’s email was here].

That concludes this update. In the next one, I hope to be able to announce the dates for our regular showings.


July 17, 2004

I've uploaded the upgraded version of the website. Some parts are still under construction.


March 11, 2004

The schedule for this week and the showing dates, have been updated.


January 14, 2004

A tentative schedule for All Day Anime on January 31 has been posted under events. Schedules for the rest of the year's showings will be updated shortly.


October 19, 2003

A new design for the Anime@Carleton site is here. It's much more colourful than the older version, so I hope everyone likes it. If anyone has any problems with the new design, please contact me at [Melanie’s email was here] and I will fix them ASAP.


October 6, 2003

The schedules for the October showings are now up.


October 3, 2003

In case it wasn't obvious, there's no showing this week. Our showings are every other Friday; September was just an exception because of the or-g. Also, next week's showing has been pushed ahead a week because of Thanksgiving so there will be showings two weeks in a row.


September 6, 2003

A slight change has been made to the schedules. Our showings are going to start at 5:30pm instead of 5:00pm and the showing on the 12th is going to be in 3275ME rather than 5050MC. (To get to the new room you just have to go down a couple of floors and through a couple of hallways.) Sorry for any inconveniences.


September 5, 2003

The new Anime@Carleton discussion board is up. For this one you don't have to be a student to post messages. It's still new and only includes the base essentials for a discussion board so if you have any suggestions on how to improve it please post your suggestions to the board.


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