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2006-2007 Archive

March 2/2007

Today's showing is in Southam 416.

February 14/2007

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

The room for this week has been changed to ME4499.

February 1/2007

I updated the events page, with the rest of the showings for this semester. Unfortunately we're still playing musical rooms. The good news is that we're in Mackenzie so it's close to Oasis; the bad news is I don't know the room number. I'll post the room number on the door of Southam316 and Minto5050 (so you don't have to walk that far ^__^).

January 18/2007

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't have time to post this sooner. The next showing is on the 19th in Southam 316. That's where the bookstore used to be.

January 13/2007

Well we couldn't find any reference to Minto5050 being booked so I guess Melissa is just crazy (and we should all treat her as such). So we don't have Minto5050 for our next showing TT_TT. Iíll have to go on Monday to get a new room because the one the booked us in is really bad. So I should have the new room posted by Monday night.

January 9/2007

Happy New Year everyone! This term's showings will be on Jan 12, Jan 19, and after that every other week until the end of the term. More information will be posted as it is known.

October 10/2006

The dates for this term's showings are Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17, and Dec 1. We're going to try to set up DDR outside the showing room again this week. Hopefully this time both of the dance pads will work. The events and exec pages have also been updated.

September 27/2006

The rooms for the fall term have (finally) been booked. The first showing is this Friday Sept. 29th from 6:30pm to 11pm in 5050MC. This term we will be starting off by continuing to show Kyou Kara Maou, Mai Hime, and Bleach, and we will start showing Yakitate Japan, Karin, and Gundam 8th MS Team. Additional information will be posted on the events page as it becomes available.

This year membership will be following the same pattern as last year; $5 for one term or $10 for two. Aside from this Friday, the rest of our fall events will start at 4:30pm.

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