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2002-2003 Archive

August 13, 2003

The schedules for September's showings are now up. SOAP and A@C are holding another anime or-g with anime events every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September. I had hoped to have some form of our new A@C discussion board up when I put the schedules up but it looks like it will have to wait until the weekend so I can spend a whole day working on it.

I've decided not to hold an online survey since chances are most of the series people would be voting for they would never have heard of since we show a lot of new anime. Instead we're going to hand out surveys at the showings so that you can rate the anime you watch. Because of this we'll be showing some series in September that we won't be continuing.

As for admission, (hopefully) SOAP will be taking care of that during September and the rest of the showings for the term will be covered under a $5 membership fee.


April 27, 2003

Ok, time for my end of the year spiel.

Well, all things considered this was probably a pretty successful year for Anime@Carleton considering it was the first time for us to run an entire school year with regular bimonthly showings. Our next showing will be the second Friday of September. I hope that everyone has a great summer.

If you're an exec and you're reading this please let me know whether you would like to remain in your position next year. (That's right, A@C is only partially democratic) Please remember though that next year your workload will probably double so if you don't think you'll have time for the club, it's ok to step down. (As some execs this year have found) Next year I encourage first year students to apply to positions since there's generally so much free time in first year. (Compared to other years anyway)

For everyone else I intend to have a survey up sometime next month on the events page for what we're going to show next year (Just as soon as I learn how to do it ^^''' volunteers?). If you're wondering how the series got picked this year, the people who recommended series to me (like GTO, Onegai Teacher is an exception b/c Bandai asked us to wait until the DVDs were out) got the series shown and everything else I picked out. Only a few people commented/complained about things so the schedule went as it was set out. I usually do my best though to pick out a variety of anime genres so that there will be something there for everyone, while also showing what I think is appropriate for a university-level audience. (That means leaving out kiddy stuff, not adding things that are only aimed at adults)

In my opinion, the most successful anime we showed was Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai (Abenobashi Magical Shopping District) from the first term. As far as I know it's not licensed yet. The runner-up series is probably Chobits. Based on survey information we'll decide which series to continue next year. Likely contenders are Getbackers, Ghost in the Shell, One Piece, GTO, Juuni Kokki and maybe SDK & Kiddy Grade. We'll include something from the crazy-genre as well. I'll have more details in the survey


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