Welcome to Anime@Carleton's Marketplace. Here members may list things they have for sale or trade. Please read the below guidelines.

Seller Guidelines

- Items that may be placed for sale or traded are anything anime, manga or Japan related.

- Lists may be submitted to Craig at the following email: Craig [dot] Anime [dot] at [dot] Carleton [at] gmail [dot] com

- Sellers are responsible for updating their lists and sending updated lists within a reasonable timeframe to be updated on the website, lists posted on the website will be in PDF format. Alternatively, you may provide a direct link to a document stored outside the club’s server, i.e. Google document or document hosted but publically accessible on another server/service.

- Only club member’s lists will be posted.

- Sellers are asked to give preference to fellow club members. If after a reasonable amount of time passes, after posting or updating a sales list, sellers may accept offers from non-club members.

- Sales or swaps will take place at a showing or at a time/location the seller and buyer agree upon.

- Sellers are not required to bring items to each showing without an offer on the item.

- Sellers may agree to hold items for a reasonable amount of time.

List Guidelines

Member’s sale lists should follow this format,

1. Seller’s name
- e.g. Craig’s Anime Sale List
2. Seller’s email/phone
- if you do not have an email you’d like visible to the public, please get in touch and we can arrange to route messages through the club’s email.
- it is recommended that you have an email that you don't mind having visible to the public.
3. Date
- update this whenever the list changes
4. List of items for sale with any relevant notes and prices; also say whether your prices are firm or negotiable. If you wish to leave prices off and have everything be negotiable/best offer, you may do so.

Seller's Lists

Craig M.

Craig is clearing out some of his collection. To see what he has for sale, visit the below PDF sale list,
Craig's Anime Sale List (Created: Sept. 19th)

Sean McC.

Sean has decided to start selling off his anime, manga and novels, primarily to start clearing things out in preparation for his move later this fall. To see what he has for sale, visit the below PDF sale list,
Sean's Anime, Manga and Novel Sale List (Updated: Aug. 30th)

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