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The Anime@Carleton showings are held on the Carleton University campus, unless otherwise posted. With some attendees not being familiar with the campus, below are directions and maps to help in finding our showings.

Please be advised that our room bookings are subject to university department bureaucracy/conferences/exams, as such, we may be in different locations from time to time. We will always try to get one constant room, but that cannot be guaranteed.

Carleton Campus

For maps from the Carleton University website, see their campus map and for parking see the parking map.

Class Find is useful in helping you find the room in which we're located for any given week. Type in the building code (e.g. SP) followed by the room number in the Quick Search field, then click Visit to get detailed directions.

Parking on Campus
For parking rates on campus see the parking rates list and for lot locations see the parking map. Weekend parking on campus costs $5 for the entire day.

Google Map

Zooming in around the campus will reveal building names.


Carleton University has a number of eateries around campus however; there is a limited selection available when we hold our showings.

The Main Food Court is located on the 2nd floor of the University Centre.
The Fresh Food Company is a buffet located on the 2nd floor of Res Commons.
The Oasis is located on the tunnel level of Res Commons.
Tim Hortons has many locations on campus, two locations in the University Centre, one in the Res Commons, and the final one in the Athletics Building.

All the links provide each locationís hours of operation and many further details. You can also visit Carleton Universityís Dining Services main site for all that Carleton has to offer.

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